White Water & Sea Kayaking Club North East

White Water Kayaking

Lessons, Coaching &, Trips for White Water Kayakers

What can we offer our white water kayakers?

Depending on your level of experience, we'll help you progress and experience the best white water rivers in the North East.

Getting Started

Getting started on white water can be challenging. Our British Canoe qualified coaches can help competent flat water paddlers progress onto moving waver, to be able to paddle grade 2 without falling in.

Pool & Rolling Sessions

Rolling can be a hard skill to acquire but an essential one for white water kayaking. Over the winter when it's cold, we offer our membership access to a warm pool to learn and practice their rolling skills.

Paddling Community

We are a large club and have around 150 members, the most popular discipline is white water. You'll be able to meet and paddle with a lot of different people who have a passion for white water kayaking.

White Water Progression

For more competent paddlers we can help progress your skills through the white water grades through further coaching and led trips on grade 3 white water rivers including the Tees, Lakes, Scotland, and the Alps.

Kayaking & Safety Skill Days

Our club will put on a number of informal skills days to help paddlers learn specific skills such as safety. We also host and arrange a number of first aid, foundation safety & rescue, and white water safety & rescue courses.

Coaching & Leading

We can and do support our club members with reduced costs for training and assessments when undertaking leading or coaching qualifications, if they'll be using those to help other members and the club.
Experienced? join as a member Join us Beginner? attend an intro course

How do I join, as a white water paddler?

We're open to experienced white water paddlers or people who have completed an introductory course. We also hold a weekly juniors session in the summer.

Which sessions are you interested in?

Are you skilled, experienced, and an independent paddler?

What our members say:

As a new member to Stockton and Thornaby canoe club, I’ve found everybody to be very welcoming, helpful and always have excellent advice to give. There’s always something going on whether it’s a social paddle or group trip, I’d definitely recommend this club to anyone who’s thinking of joining.
- Mark Ricketts (2021)

We're open to new members with experience and kit join us