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4 Week Adult Paddlesport Introduction Course Starting 8th June

4 Week Adult Paddlesport Introduction Course Starting 8th June

The paddlesport introduction course is an 8 hour course split over 4 weeks for Adults. The cost of the course is £30 per person and includes all the kit excluding wetsuits, the course will be undertaken with club kayaks. The course is based at the Tees Barrage, on Wednesdays between 6pm and 8pm. We would like attendees to be able to get on the water for 6pm. The coach for this course will be Stuart Marshall. At the end of the course you’re more than welcome to join the club as a full member to advance your paddling even further. 

Associate club membership is included in the fee and you’ll be covered by our British Canoeing insurance for the 4 sessions.

The first session, you will learn about how to manage equipment and to carry the boat, what is suitable clothing and what kit you need to start paddling. We’ll get you on the water for some paddle basics on getting into the boat, and making those first paddle stokes.

The next lesson you’ll learn more about how to manoeuvre the boat on flat water, forwards, backwards, and turning stokes. We’ll show you how to escape the kayak with and without a spraydeck (you may get a bit wet) but its all to keep our paddlers safe.

The third lesson will be more advanced turns, moving sideways, sticking to a straight line and more development around control of the boat.

The last lesson we’ll put all the above into practice along with some further skills including edging the kayak and advanced turning. There is no formal assessment at the end but each member who completes the course will be awarded the British Canoeing Paddlesport Start award.

You’ll now have the knowledge and ability to paddle a kayak on flat water. You’re then able to join the club and explore other courses, or other types of craft. Basic kayak skills are easily transferred to white water kayaks, canoes, sea kayaks and further development can be undertaken depending on your aspirations in paddlesport.

Unfortunately we’re not able to offer refunds due to the high demand for the course if attendees decide it is not for them during the course. Cancellation can be made for up to 7 days before the event.

The event is ongoing.

Sold out!